Issue 5 is open for submissions 15 June - 31 July 2019. The theme 'Earth poems' is available on our website.

Not Very Quiet is a twice yearly online journal which aims to offer an opportunity for more women poets of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds to publish their work. We believe it’s more important than ever to provide a platform to extend the range and breadth of poetry written by women so as to encourage and strengthen its impact.

Each issue is themed

We accept a wide range of poetic forms. For more information see our Submission guidelines.

Issue 4: published - 14 March 2019

  • OPEN for submissions 15 June to 31 July 2019.
  • The theme of 5 is 'Earth poems'
  • You may submit up to three poems.
  • Please submit your poems in ONE Word document.
  • Start each poem on a new page.
  • We use a blind review process please do not put your name on your Word doc; do not include your name in the file title.
  • See Submissions guidelines for information on how to submit to NVQ. 
  • If you have questions use the contact form or email addresses on our website.
  • If you have accessibility issues, use the accessibility email address listed on the contact page of our website.

Terms and conditions

  • Not Very Quiet may publish your work online in perpetuity.
  • The work has not been published previously.
  • Any republications will acknowledge that the work was first published in Not Very Quiet, Issue, date.
Not Very Quiet